A warm Woodstock welcome

Woodstock Laundry was was founded as a family business in Woodstock, Cape Town, in 1979. At the time, Woodstock was one of South Africa’s buzziest fashion districts, but the industry was hit hard by cheap foreign imports and times became tough. But a commitment to quality and craftmanship has seen us through some hard times and we remain fully committed to making clothes the right way - by hand, and with love.

All our garments are hand-crafted with the environment in mind and each bespoke item is designed in house to be as comfortable as humanly possible, and manufactured with quality, responsibly sourced fabrics. We will never compromise on comfort because when you relax properly, you want to do it in something that was made properly. Quite simply, these are clothes you hang out in, and with.

Attention to detail from tip to toe... Sketching the garment. Sourcing quality fabric. Finessing the design. Cutting the pattern with surgical precision. Stitching seams straight as an arrow. Trimming the tiniest of threads. Checking quality then checking again – it’s all done with passion by our tight team of artisans who collectively have over 100 years of know-how.

We make “slow clothes” not only because they’re made properly and carefully by hand but also because that’s the pace you’ll want to be at when you’re wearing our sleepwear. Embodying the laid back spirit of Cape Town, this is a time to support clothing manufacturers that value their employees, pay them a fair wage and treat them with dignity.