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Handcrafted in Cape Town

Our clothing is 100% designed and manufactured by us, from the initial print and pattern designs, to the make-up of the garments.

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Sustainable Style

We try as hard as we can to maintain sustainability in our production, including using eco-friendly corozo buttons and sustainably sourced organic cotton.

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Supporting Local Artisans

From commissioning local artists for our print designs, to employing highly skilled local pattern-makers, cutters and seamstresses, we are 100% committed to supporting local artisans.

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Our factory employs over 15 local seamstresses and artisans in Woodstock, Cape Town. We believe in a fair wage and decent working conditions. We must be doing something right, some of our employees have been with us for over 20 years.

Mens boxer shorts


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Local artists & designers

We commission local artists and designers to create our unique print designs, which are printed on premium organic cotton.